Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S5 Active “Ruby Red” AT&T 4g lte runs on Straight Talk’s $45 Unlimited Plan

Purple Cobra Cell Phones,We are an Authorized Tracfone/ Straight Talk Dealer + We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all of our phones .New Open Box Flawless AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active "Ruby Red" for the Straight Talk's Unlimited Talk & Text + 5GB of 4g lte data "your are responsible to pay the $45 for service" + with a new genuine Straight Talk sim card activation Kit along with a 4g lte sim card. Phone is in New open box Condition . Galaxy S5 is guaranteed ready to activate. We offer the phone with straight talk because it is the best value out there today. Also included is a new Straight Talk Activation kit and instruction guide on how to get started with Straight Talk. This is a genuine, premium hard to find straight talk activation KIT that runs on their fastest AT&T 4g LTE towers (the expensive, rare version- was selling for $45 by itself earlier this year). Setting this up is easy! 1. We will include instructions to activate your account and get started! + We will update your APN Settings of your phone & install your sim card. Everyone knows Straight Talk is the best value plan right now with their $45 unlimited package.