Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 “Electric Blue” run’s on Verizon’s 4G XLTE Towers via Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited 5GB Plan

"Purple Cobra Cell Phones" Same Day Shipping "We are an Authorized Tracfone/ Straight Talk Dealer. Near Flawless 8/10 to 9/10 condition very clean phone no scratches on the screen. Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S4 "Electric Blue" runs on the Verizon 4G XLTE Network via Straight Talk's Unlimited 5Gb plan, Comes with a new genuine Straight Talk CDMA Access code Kit along with a 4g lte sim card. Galaxy S5 is guaranteed ready to activate. We offer the phone with straight talk because it is the best value out there today. Also included is a new Straight Talk Cdma Activation kit and instruction guide on how to get started with Straight Talk. This is a genuine, premium hard to find straight talk access code activation KIT that runs on their fastest Verizon 4g LTE towers (the expensive, rare version- was selling for $45 by itself earlier this year). Setting this up is easy! 1. We will include instructions to activate your account and get started! + We will register your phone & install your sim card. Everyone knows Straight Talk is the best value plan right now with their $45 unlimited package. It also comes with a new Samsung Usb 2.0 wall charger adapter . * New Straight Talk CDMA ACTIVATION Kit from Straight Talk. Phone includes Straight Talk kit plus Authentic Samsung USB 2.0 Charger. Everything shipped in a Generic White box.